New Horizons Home Solution, LLC, Real Estate Consultants, Henderson, NV

“We have worked with Bonnie on several properties. She is easy to work with, knows what she wants and pays her contractors quickly. She is kind and caring to our workers and is an outstanding property redeveloper. Our company would work many times over with her and her company.”

Yvette Flores

Precision General Contractors


“It has been my pleasure to work Bonnie and to have the opportunity to get to know her well. She is a great team member with excellent communication skills and is extremely easy to work with.”


Robbie Gonzales-Dow


Bonnie is a wonderful person to know. She is lively, genuine, caring and a compassionate human. Bonnie has a wealth of experiences, a dedication to her craft and skills, and a great focus and uncompromising love for her family and friends. It truly is a pleasure knowing her.

Chad Bull

Real Estate Agent