Commercial Building One Summerlin Waiting on Tenants

Posted by Bonnie Henson // October 27, 2015

Commercial real estate is still slumping from the recession and there are many signs that it is not coming back to the norm as quickly as developers would like. One Summerlin is one of those office buildings that is not seeing as much success as was touted to occur. It has about a 54% vacancy […]

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Las Vegas Foreclosures Rate is Increasing – Good or Bad Sign?

Posted by Bonnie Henson // October 20, 2015

Just a few years ago, there were so many homes in active foreclosure that many were sure that Las Vegas would never be able to bounce back, but today that number is less than 300. Market trends are seeing some change in the downward trajectory, however, as foreclosures have went up in the area recently. […]

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Luxury Closets More than Space for Your Clothes

Posted by Bonnie Henson // October 13, 2015

With the cooler weather on the way, some people are looking in their closet for their sweaters, jackets, and coats, but others are looking at their closet to see how they can make it more functional and convenient. Luxury realtors in the Las Vegas area are finding that sellers are expecting more and more from […]

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Luxury Developments Still Available for Las Vegas Home Buyers

Posted by Bonnie Henson // October 6, 2015

Las Vegas elite homeowners had a few different choices before the master-planned communities of Summerlin and Anthem were built. Two of these communities are still very sought after today. These are Ten Oaks in northwest Las Vegas and Quail Ridge Estates in Henderson. These two communities still offer high quality homes on large lots that […]

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August Real Estate Numbers Showing Good News

Posted by Bonnie Henson // September 30, 2015

We all know that the Las Vegas housing market was one of the top casualties during the recession. The number of foreclosures far outpaced the rest of the country and many Las Vegas residents were forced out of their homes. While we are finally seeing some positive signs that the market is regaining footing, there […]

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Caution is Best Approach to Las Vegas Real Estate

Posted by Bonnie Henson // September 22, 2015

Real estate featuring existing homes saw a bit of a stall last year. Investors began pulling out and sellers were overpricing their homes, thinking that their value was much more than reality. Signs are pointing to positive news in the first half of 2015, however. Cheaper borrowing costs and an influx of borrowers who were […]

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Nevada Supreme Court Makes Decision to Favor HOAs

Posted by Bonnie Henson // September 15, 2015

Even with a decision from the Nevada Supreme Court, it didn’t really answer many questions that realtors, owners, and buyers had. The September ruling gave homeowner associations the power to wipe out a mortgage through foreclosure if dues to the association are left unpaid. This could have long time repercussions for the housing market in […]

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Selling Your Home Can Be Easier Than You Think

Posted by Bonnie Henson // September 9, 2015

Existing home sales are finally going up, causing the number of homes languishing on the market going down. With the 9 percent increase in sales from last year, it is certain that there are buyers back in the market. The key is to make your home one that will catch their attention. Where do you […]

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New Apartment Development on the Horizon

Posted by Bonnie Henson // September 3, 2015

Las Vegas is going to soon see a new rental complex at the corner of Tropicana Avenue and Grand Canyon Drive. Wayne Laska of StoryBook Homes is set to begin construction on a four-story 175-unit apartment development soon. This site was supposed to be the home of luxury condominiums years ago, but the project was […]

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Las Vegas Real Estate Market Still Having Issues

Posted by Bonnie Henson // August 18, 2015

The housing market in Las Vegas and the surrounding area is much stronger than it was just after the economy collapsed. However, there are still issues that need to be resolved. In fact, a new report from WalletHub has analyzed the market and it was found to be the unhealthiest market in the United States. […]

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